IIVS | Inflammatory Cytokine Expression
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Inflammatory Cytokine Expression

Product Safety Assessment Using an In Vitro Test System Based on Viability of and Cytokine Released by Reconstructed Human Epidermis (RhE) Models

  • Assay used for the evaluation of the skin irritation potential of topically administered test materials
  • Frequently used to address the irritation profile of (but not limited to) surfactant-based formulations with rinse-off applications
  • The assay allows ranking of test materials with anticipated low irritation potential using pro-inflammatory cytokine analyses such as interleukin IL-1α

Assay Endpoints

  • Tissue viability
  • Cytokine expression

Applicability Domain

  • Ingredients of finished products formulated to have low irritation potential
  • Undiluted (leave-on intended use) or diluted (rinse-off intended use) materials


  • Ranking of test materials’ irritation potential
  • Qualification of benchmark materials
  • Correlation with clinical data