Custom Services

The IIVS team specializes in customized services to solve numerous testing problems. Drawing from our extensive expertise in assay development, validation and regulatory requirements, we work with our clients to optimize assays to answer product specific questions.

Our study directors frequently work in developing custom, cell-based assays measuring efficacy/potency of specialty chemicals, drugs, and biologics. Numerous bioassays have been and can be optimized by IIVS to address specific requirements for chemical, pharmaceutical, personal care, and household products industries.

Previously, the IIVS team has assisted in reagent and kit validation, cell banking, and lot testing. Additionally, the IIVS scientific team characterized and optimized in vitro models for: biological activity, test material efficacy, anti-inflammatory activity, and viral studies. Our expertise in cell culture, 3-dimensional tissue constructs, and problem solving has fueled our group to offer the best options for individual testing needs.

The technical capabilities we utilize for these projects include:


  • Establish cell banks for primary human and other mammalian cells
  • Develop new cell lines
  • Optimize and maintain 3-D tissue constructs
  • Culture ex-vivo organ cultures
  • Conduct cell proliferation and cytotoxicity evaluation using viability dyes and functional endpoints
  • Apply spectrophotometric (colormetric), fluormetric and luminescence endpoints
  • Evaluate cytokine endpoints (e.g. IL-1?, TNF?, IL-6, IL-8, etc.)
  • Perform singular ELISA’s and multi-plexing to evaluate induction, expression or production of functional proteins

Technical Services

  • Bioassay development and protocol optimization services
  • Methods development, pre-validation and validation services including validation submissions
  • Training services (technical and compliance)
  • Vendor audit services (technical and compliance)

To discuss how IIVS’s technical capabilities and specialized knowledge can help meet your needs, please contact us at