For more than 18 years, we have worked with industry and government agencies to design, validate and implement in vitro testing strategies that supply key toxicological information. Our Study Directors have industry-leading experience ranging from 10 to 25+ years in in vitro toxicology and cell biology trained in handling a diverse range of real world chemicals and products, bringing you the in-depth expertise to address your particular testing challenges.

Our facility includes nearly 13,000 square feet of laboratory and office space dedicated to support our tissue and organ culture-based toxicology and testing services. We offer a broad scope of in vitro testing services to a variety of industries, including cosmetics/personal care, household products, specialty chemicals, consumer products and pharmaceuticals.

We are committed to advancing the field through education. As an industry leader, we play a key role in training others on in vitro methods through hands-on training workshops, webinars, presentations and publications, and service on review and advisory panels.