IIVS Releases Training Video to Replace Animals in Testing

November 19, 2016

GAITHERSBURG, MD – October 12, 2016 – Funded by a grant from the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA), the Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc.(IIVS) has released a technical training video that describes a cell-based in vitro method for assessing phototoxicity – the potential for chemicals to cause damage after being exposed to light.

The 19-minute video is the second technical training video on non-animal methods that is produced by IIVS with EPAA’s support. Both videos are designed to help scientists from industry and regulatory agencies perform these animal-saving methods in their own laboratories. Many industries around the world, including the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors, need to assess phototoxicity to assure the safety of their products. The video is available in English, with subtitled versions in Chinese and Portuguese, filling a void in reaching a wide audience of scientists in countries where reliance on animal testing remains strong.

“We have an immense demand for training in non-animal methods from scientists around the world,” states Erin Hill, Co-founder and President of IIVS. “The videos provide extremely detailed information that helps to implement and standardize testing in laboratories we cannot reach.”

EPAA, the European partnership for Alternative Approaches to animal testing between the European Commission and Industry, has several activities to promote the use of non-animal methods. “Video tutorials nicely complement the work of our project teams in sharing knowledge and promoting actual and global implementation of alternative methods. The videos also allow interested scientists to consult them as many times as needed and to familiarize themselves with the assay” remarks Gianni Dal Negro, EPAA industry Co-Chair. In order to ensure maximum dissemination and transparency, EPAA provides the videos free of charge on the EPAA website, YouTube and other channels to get them into the hands of those who need them to complete their work.

The earlier training video on a non-animal method for assessing eye irritation: the BCOP (Bovine Corneal Opacity & Permeability Assay) is also available in several languages on YouTube.

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About IIVS
IIVS is a non-profit organization wholly dedicated to the promotion of rapid and innovative non-animal test methods. Founded in 1997, IIVS is recognized as a leading provider of in vitro testing in support of toxicological safety evaluations. Rigorous scientific programs coupled with educational and outreach initiatives have established IIVS as a global leader in the advancement of alternatives to animal testing. For more information, visit www.iivs.org.

About EPAA
The European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) is a partnership between industry and the European Commission. It was created in 2005 with the vision consisting of replacement, reduction and refinement (3Rs) of animal use for meeting regulatory requirements through better and more predictive science. Learn more.


Laura Henning