Non Animal Testing, Alternative Test Methods, In Vitro Toxicology, IIVS | Why IIVS?
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Choosing the right in vitro testing lab is an important decision that will directly impact your company’s product safety program. A highly experienced leader in the alternatives field, IIVS has a strong track record in helping clients to develop customized testing protocols that meet their unique product and corporate goals.

We offer a broad scope of in vitro testing services to a variety of industries, including cosmetics/personal care, household products, specialty chemicals, consumer products and pharmaceuticals.  However, we’re not just a testing lab … we are an extension of your safety program. Consider us your “lab down the hall.”

Some of the many reasons to choose IIVS  are:


For 20 years, we have worked with industry scientists and government agencies to design, validate and implement in vitro testing strategies that supply key information. Our study directors have industry-leading experience ranging from 10 to 25+ years in in vitro toxicology and cell biology, and are experienced in handling a diverse range of real world products, formulations, and chemicals.


We are committed to advancing the field of in vitro toxicology through education. Our scientists are routinely called upon to train others in the latest in vitro methods through hands-on training workshops, webinars, presentations and publications, and serve on review and advisory panels.


Our GLP-compliant laboratory is routinely inspected by the FDA, EPA, as well as numerous clients ranging from pharmaceutical companies to agrochemical companies. These audits strengthen our culture of quality and help us to stay at the forefront of the application of GLP principles to in vitro studies. Our pioneering vendor audit program is the first of its kind to include the manufacturers of in vitro test systems, providing clients with higher confidence in the test systems that we use.


As your long-term partner, we will help you develop a scientifically sound in vitro testing program that meets your unique needs and requirements while serving as a valuable resource on methods and trends in the field. Our customer-centric approach extends throughout our organization and through every phase of your project from initial consultation to testing to reporting.

Ready to place a test or learn more?

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