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IIVS is a registered non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization providing a unique resource for the advancement of in vitro (non-animal) methods. Unique because in addition to being a leading provider of in vitro testing services, our Education and Outreach program for industry, regulatory agencies and animal protection organizations further the use and acceptance of predictive and humane testing methods.

The ultimate goals — regulatory acceptance of alternative methods and the replacement of animals in testing — require continual method development, validation and advocacy.  Our dedicated and experienced team is working toward these goals with leading agencies and organizations throughout the world.

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Encouraging progress has been made but there is still much to be done. Reaching out to a wide variety of organizations in various geographical regions to educate them on the need for methods that don’t use animals is time consuming and complex. IIVS is unique in having the scientific credentials and reputation to do this effectively. With your contribution you’ll be joining IIVS, and an impressive “Who’s Who” of like-minded organizations, in actively supporting our ability to reach out, educate and advance the field.

Our contributors include industry, foundations and animal welfare organizations worldwide. By donating to IIVS these organizations demonstrate their commitment to advancing the development, use and acceptance of alternative methods.

Contributors to IIVS publicly demonstrate their commitment to alternatives and gain recognition among their employees and customers.

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