Working With Regulators

Many countries, including the United States, require the use of animals for the registration of certain products. The IIVS Education and Outreach program is designed to increase the regulatory acceptance of alternative methods through science-based advocacy, rigorous validation and targeted educational programs. IIVS works collaboratively with industry and government to standardize in vitro tests so they can be more readily integrated into regulatory decision making.


  • Development of US EPA’s Office of Pesticide Program’s Alternate Testing Framework for classification of eye irritation potential of pesticide products
  • Continued development of strategies for alternative skin irritation test for the EPA registered products
  • Validation program to replace the rabbit vaginal irritation (RVI) test for certain medical devices regulated by the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health
  • Training of regulatory reviewers in agencies such as the US EPA, state agencies and the European Chemicals Agency on the use of alternative methods
  • Workshop series for industry and the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products
  • Participation in OECD expert working groups

While many countries do not require animal testing for cosmetic products, some regions – such as China – still have this mandate. From a balanced and unbiased viewpoint, IIVS provides guidance, assistance and training to government agencies to help them more efficiently implement alternative methods and reduce their reliance on animals.

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