Reconstructed Human Cornea-like Epithelium (RHCE) Test Method for Eye Hazard Identification

Until recently, resolving GHS Category 2 Ocular Irritants had relied on a Weight-of-Evidence approach as the use of no single in vitro assay had been able to distinguish between Category 1, Category 2 and non-categorized test materials. With the approval of the OECD 492B test guideline, the determination of these classifications is now possible. Reconstructed human Corneal Epithelial tissues that are treated with the test material for 3 time points (liquids) or 2 time points (solids) and viability is measured by MTT reduction. Based on the table below, a definitive categorization can be obtained. IIVS now offers this evaluation – please contact for further information.

(Table taken from OECD 492B Test Guideline Documentation)