Strategies for Eye Irritation Testing

Determination of ocular irritation potential is a key toxicological endpoint required to support chemical and raw material characterization and industrial hygiene, to guide product development, and to achieve final product safety standards.  IIVS possesses extensive experience with numerous test methods and testing strategies for commercial, industrial and regulatory applications.  From standard regulatory hazard assessments to providing information on the degree of ocular irritation, to discriminating among extremely mild eye area products, IIVS’ Study Directors take the time to understand your specific goals and apply the most relevant, cost-effective strategies to achieve them.

Whereas the literature abounds with specific validated regulatory test methods and testing strategies, many of these tests are derived from in vitro test systems and endpoints that are designed to meet upstream industry product development and stewardship goals.  IIVS has the expertise to apply a variety of custom test methods to meet your product development and stewardship goals.  Most importantly, IIVS understands the specific challenges inherent in specific chemistries and product types and can competently propose the most appropriate test methods for your product classes.

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