Test Systems

The Respiratory Toxicology Program utilizes state-of-the-art in vitro and ex-vivo models of pulmonary (and related) tissue. Models available offer a range of testing types, including screening and high content analysis for complex events. The choice of cell line (including reporter cells), primary cells, or 3-dimensional tissues depends on the throughput desired and level of assessment needed. Consider our oral cavity tissues to also model ingestion exposures. Let IIVS guide you to the model best for you!

2D Cell Lines and Primary Cells

2D cell culture: stained with DAPI and Calcein AM (viability marker)

Pulmonary cell lines are readily available that are derived from lung tissue. Screening efforts often require rapid and cost-effective throughput to prioritize products in development.

3D Reconstructed Human Airway


RHuA can be derived from cells in the upper and lower respiratory tract

3D Human Precision-Cut Lung Slices 


hPCLS are generated from the respiratory parenchyma and offer a native architecture and all cell types present in the tissue