Ocular Irritection (OECD 496)

The Ocular Irritection Assay is an in chemico eye irritation assay that detects, ranks, and predicts the corneal irritation potential of a test material. The assay assesses changes to the reagent solution (containing proteins, glycoproteins, lipids), which mimics the denaturation and disruption that occurs in corneal proteins in vivo.

Graphic courtesy of InVitro International

The test article is applied to a membrane disc that controls the delivery to the reagent solution. The changes in the protein structure are measured by optical density readings in the reagent solution by a photo-spectrometer.

IIVS participated in the validation and preparation of the resulting manuscript published in Toxicology In Vitro. The guidance document is currently under evaluation by EURL/ ECVAM for identifying ocular hazards according to UN GHS.

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