Oral Irritation Assessment of Electronic Liquids Using an In Vitro Oral Testing Model

March 28, 2018
While data are still being collected and analyzed, there were at least 1,300 accidental electronic liquid (e-liquid) exposures reported as of 2013. Deaths have occurred as a result of ingestion of e-liquid with the effects being attributed primarily to nicotine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sought to regulate e-liquid through the Tobacco Control Act passed in 2009. In 2014, the FDA issued its “Deeming” proposals for public comments, which covered e-liquid manufacturing; the Final Rule giving the FDA authority to...

Webinar: How GLPs Enhance the Quality of Regulated and Non-Regulated Toxicology

October 18, 2016
This one-hour webinar, led by IIVS Director of Quality and Compliance, introduces some of the concepts of Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) designed to promote study and data integrity within an in vitro toxicology framework. Applying these concepts within your own laboratory should aid in production of robust, repeatable studies. View Slides...

Oral – Gingival Screening

August 24, 2016
The safety assessment of raw ingredients or finished products intended for human oral use or that can accidentally come in contact with humans’ oral tissues can be performed using in vitro testing platforms based on reconstructed tissue models. The oral irritation potential of oral care, pharmaceutical or tobacco products can be investigated using the tissue viability (%) as main endpoint in the evaluation of cytotoxicity. The potential oral/buccal irritation of raw ingredients or finished products can be assessed using commercially available...