Webinar: How GLPs Enhance the Quality of Regulated and Non-Regulated Toxicology

October 18, 2016
This one-hour webinar, led by IIVS Director of Quality and Compliance, introduces some of the concepts of Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) designed to promote study and data integrity within an in vitro toxicology framework. Applying these concepts within your own laboratory should aid in production of robust, repeatable studies. View Slides...

Neutral Red Uptake

August 21, 2016
The Normal Human Epidermal Keratinocytes (NHEKs) Cytotoxicity Assay using a Neutral Red Uptake (NRU) viability endpoint is a 96-well cytotoxicity assay to assess the toxicity potential of a test material. The assay utilizes primary NHEK cells and may be used to predict either human lethal serum concentrations or in vivo rodent LD50 starting doses for acute oral systemic toxicity. Cytotoxicity caused by the test article is measured by a concentration-dependent reduction in neutral red uptake (NRU) by the cells after exposure to a...