July 2018

Modernization of EPA “6-Pack” of Acute Toxicity Tests Continues

July 27, 2018
The US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) continues to drive significant efforts in the United States to modernize the battery of acute toxicity tests classically known as the “6-pack.” Learn More....

Tiered In Vitro Testing Strategy For Assessing The Ocular and Dermal Irritation/Corrosion Potential of Pharmaceutical Compounds

July 23, 2018
Read our latest publication with Bristol-Myers Squibb regarding a tiered testing strategy for occupational hazards of pharmaceutical intermediates now published in the Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology Journal. Irritation reactions are a frequently reported occupational illness. The potential adverse effects of pharmaceutical compounds (PCs) on employees' eyes and skin can now be assessed using validated in vitro methods. Our overall aim is to reduce animal testing by replacing the historically utilized in vivo test methods with validated in vitro test methods which accurately determine the ocular...

FutureTox IV Registration and Abstract Submission Now Open

July 23, 2018
The Society of Toxicology's FutureTox IV Progress to Maturity: Predictive Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology for Healthy Children is being held in Arlington, VA from November 14 until November 16, 2018. The meeting will focus, among other things, on the impact of environmental factors on developmental health and current translational opportunities and challenges for in vitro data and in silico models in developmental effects assessment and regulatory decision-making for toxicity testing. The Key Note Lectures will be: Assessing Children's Health Trajectories in the Context of Regulatory Decision-Making. Susan...